How to Spot a Cyber Fraud Scams Videos

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Who are computer hackers? Why and how are they a threat to your personal, financial and business security? Why are they considered predators?

“Computer predators are unathorized users who break into computer systems in order to steal, change or destroy information; often by installing dangerous malware without your knowledge or consent”, say top antivirus experts at WebRoot. Furthermore, say Webroot experts, their clever tactics and detailed technical knowledge, help them access privileged information you don’t want them to have.
That said, there are a variety of ways in which they can victimize you – ruin your personal and financial life.

7 ways hackers can victimize you and why you must be actively protecting your personal, business and financial information 24/7:

* Hijack the email of your financial and business accounts to sell on the Dark Web or use to sell their phony products and profit from it.

* They want to steal your credit info in order to open up new accounts, new credit cards, even apply for mortgages.

* Steal your financial also can allow them to get cash advances.

* They’ve been watching you via malware installed on your computer and know from whom you’ve been purchasing. They, then, use that info to make purchases.

* Add themselves, and others, to your accounts, as authorized users in order to commandeer your money and financial data – which they’ll sell.

* They can and will lock you out of your own personal, business and credit card accounts and websites. Which they’ll commandeer for their own nefarious and criminal purposes.

* They’ll use your social security number to hijack your identity.

For additional info, watch the videos on this page. Although video says “cannot be previewed”, click OPEN and video will play. These videos are posted to DropBox – Set up an account – it’s free.

* Quizz Scam

* URL Scam

*Nigerian Check Scam

* Credit Card Banking Scam

*Lottery Scam

*Survey Scam

* Photo Scam

* Mystery Shopper

*Hijacked Profile Scam


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Millions of Americans will fall victim to preventable malware attacks in 2017. The consequences of these attacks can be severe – if cyber-criminals get hold of your password, they can access your bank accounts, steal your social security number, and more.

One of the fastest-growing malware threats are keyloggers who steal your login credentials and other data by recording everything you type. Keyloggers can also take over your webcam, capture the contents of your clipboard, and watch your screen.

Guarded ID’s patented anti-keylogging technology eliminates your vulnerability to keylogging attacks by proactively encrypting every keystroke you type. GuardedID also mitigates other threats like phishing emails, webcam capture, screen capture, clipboard capture, clickjacking, malicious drivers, and more.

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Current identity protection solutions simply monitor, alert and repair after your device or cloud-based solution has been breached.  After the breach is too late!  CYBERGATE IS ABOUT SECURING PEOPLE’S PASSWORDS NOT JUST ALERTING THEM!